The Bed & Breakfast Inns of Utah (BBIU) weren’t happy with their old brochure. It was printed in 2 colors, which probably made it less expensive back in the day. But without full color, it was no place to showcase photos. Not that there was room for them–the little brochure was a single 8.5″ x 14″ sheet, with just enough space for a list of inn names and contact info. BBIU wanted MORE. What they got was a major upgrade: a multi-purpose piece that works as a print and interactive online brochure all in one!

Bigger & Brighter

They asked InsideOut to do a 24-page directory in full color. With 24 pages, there was plenty of room for pictures, a map and useful travel information, as well as a photo and description for each inn.

Display It or Mail It

Folded in half, the brochure is 4″ x 9″ and fits standard display racks at Visitor Centers. The front cover is uncluttered and eye-catching. Photos tell the story, expressing a feeling of hospitality and the drama of Utah’s landscape. The back cover has the return address and room for a mailing label and postage. As a self-mailer, the piece doesn’t require the extra cost of a separate mailing envelope.
BBIU wanted enough brochures to distribute both in- and out-of-state. But they didn’t want too many since they plan on updating the piece next year. A print run of 7,500 satisfied both these concerns.

Interactive & Online

To maintain the strength of their branding, the piece matches the look and feel of their website. More importantly, the piece easily makes the transition online… you can download a pdf (portable document format) from to your computer. With its clickable table of contents and map, this interactive version lets you easily navigate through its pages. Once you’ve found what you need, you can print out the pages, too.

The brochure is getting rave reviews. We were happy to guide BBIU through the process and give them an attractive, multi-functional marketing piece.