An Annual Planner Gets an Update

The Olympic Peninsula Tourism Commission (OPTC) promotes tourism throughout the communities of the north Olympic Peninsula, Washington. This year, they chose InsideOut to produce their annual travel planner. To save on time and design costs, OPTC decided to retain most of last year’s design elements (created by a different design firm). The biggest changes for this year included a new cover, a new spread on agri-tourism and an increase in page count‚Äîfrom 36 to 40.

How the Planner Works

This travel planner covers a great deal of information for several communities. Ads purchased by local businesses helped to offset production costs. The 8″ x 9″ pages fold to a convenient 4″ x 9″ size that’s easy to carry when traveling. 4″ x 9″ is also the standard size for display racks used at Visitor Centers. The cover design features photos from each community and colors reflecting the area’s waters and forests. The 80,000 printed planners are being distributed through visitor centers, trade shows and responses to requests received via phone and their online form.

Both Short- & Long-Term

Since this was more of an update than a redesign, we made sure the many text and information changes were done with speed and accuracy. A less obvious but equally important task involved structural changes to the design so that next year’s changes will be even faster and easier.