Google Maps is a major component with every Google Search.  If you do a search for a business type along with a city, Google is most likely going to provide to you a list of results and their location on a map.  See the example below when a search is done for Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast.

Google search results for Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

How does Google sort these results?  Having the highest amount of reviews is not the answer, as you can see in the graphic above that Crest Hotel is not ranked #1 even though they have 388 reviews.  Google looks at many factors for placement and we have developed a white paper on this subject. Claiming your business through the Google Local Business Center is where you need to get started, but first download our White Paper titled “How to get top placement on Google Maps”.

This white paper has ten pages of great information ranging from where Google gathers information about your business to how to optimize your business listings for top placement. Drop us an email if you have questions or comments.

Here is a great video from Google on how to update your listing.