Effective Internet Marketing Increases Return on Investment

Our Internet Marketing Weekly blog posts are designed to increase your return on investment.

InsideOut is pleased to announce and launch our new Internet Marketing Weekly series of blog posts that focuses on reporting the developments in the web marketplace and providing recommendations for all aspects of online business promotion.

Our goal is to provide our clients, subscribers and casual readers with:

  1. Information about emerging internet marketing strategies
  2. Advice on implementing the tactics and tools that have proven their value in increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) of your internet marketing efforts.

We will cover the world of internet marketing, from Search Engine and Social Marketing, to Website Development and Design Essentials, in clear and concise posts that are not weighed down by technical jargon.

Topics of Internet Marketing Weekly will include:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google, Bing or Yahoo (or something else altogether): what do your potential customers use and are they finding your website in their search results?  Search engine standards and user search trends are always evolving.  InsideOut Solutions constantly monitors these changes and will use our Internet Marketing Weekly series to keep you up to speed on:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website “search friendly”?  Search engine optimization involves both your website and the websites that link to yours.  We will share the emerging trends and recommend proven techniques to keep your website, mobile website and link building activities an effective part of your search engine marketing efforts.


Research shows websites with effective blogs attract substantially more visitors.


Is your blog truly contributing to your search engine marketing efforts (as it should)?  It’s not enough to simply publish blog posts regularly.  Understanding how to craft your blog posts for both search engine visibility and reader interest should be your goal.  InsideOut Solutions will use Internet Marketing Weeklyblog posts to address the evolving techniques to draw, grow and retain an audience – and entice them to become customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Are you (or should you) pay for placement on search engine results pages?  Pay-Per-Click advertising standards change over time as competitors for advertising space emerge or recede and users’ search trends change.  InsideOut Solutions will cover these changes and offer tested techniques to manage your spend and gain an effective cost-per-conversion from your ads.

Website Development & Design Essentials

Are you getting the best bang for your marketing dollars with your website?  All the Search Engine Marketing services in the world won’t be of much help to a website that is out of date in the eyes of search engines and visitors.  As website developers and designers, we keep up with the evolving web standards and the Internet Marketing Weekly will provide you with the vital updates and upgrades you need to make to your website to keep it both current and attractive.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media

Social media for business is a growing market.

Is your business getting an online “social life”?  Businesses small and large are often driven by the personalities behind the brand.  The rapid changes in standards for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others usually outpace the changes in search engines.  We keep our finger on the pulse of these adjustments and will use our Internet Marketing Weekly series to keep you informed on:

Social Media Optimization

Is the foundation of your business social media platforms rock-solid?  If it’s inflexible you’re in danger of having it crumble beneath you as standards change.  Social media for business is constantly evolving and InsideOut Solutions will keep you apprised of the latest tips, tricks and trends that will help ensure your social media efforts remain effective as the marketplace continues to transform.

Social Network Advertising

Do you understand the difference between social network and search engine advertising?  Advertising on social networks like Facebook and Twitter have far different goals than Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter.  We will address the differences and clue you in to the most effective steps in crafting an effective social network advertising campaign.

And More

We will delve into Group Buying, E-mail and Mobile Device Marketing, Niche Markets, Local Search and other internet marketing aspects as they emerge.

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