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Use your PPC to Reach Out to the Mobile Advertising Market

Step 1 Target the Mobile Internet Users

Develop campaigns specifically targeted towards mobile device users. Identify campaigns where mobile users are interacting with your ads, and use that data to build new campaigns that are strictly geared towards the mobile marketplace. By developing mobile only campaigns, this will allow you to compare your standard ads vs. mobile, and allow you to determine where your money should be spent.

Step 2 Using “Click to Call” to Drive Business

Turn on the Google AdWords Click-to-call if you don’t have a mobile website. A setting in AdWords allows your ads to generate phone calls instead of clicks. The Click-to-call feature is a must for those that don’t have mobile site. Keep in mind that your customers are still using the phone function on their handheld devices. The majority of people still call to talk to a live person, when questions or customer service is needed.

Step 3 Customize the Experience

Customize your ad copy to specific devices. Google has a feature in beta that enables you to dynamically insert the name of the device being used by searches in your ad copy (similar to dynamic keyword insertion). This is a great way to tell an iPhone user, for example, that your site is iPhone friendly, to increase click-through rates.

Step 4 Time to Go Mobile

A mobile site is a must. With 89 million active mobile internet users in the marketplace, catering to that market is becoming more and more important everyday. The mobile site will allow customers looking for directions, information, or last minute deals to quickly find your business and react to your offers and information.

Step 5 Don’t be on AutoPilot

Turn off mobile-ad syndication on campaigns that aren’t mobile specific. By default, your Google ads will be syndicated to mobile devices. Use your Adwords Analytics to measure what campaigns mobile users are interacting with. Campaigns with low numbers shouldn’t be running on mobile. On campaigns where performance is poor, change your mobile settings.

The link below will take you through the steps for creating your very own Mobile specific PPC campaign.

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I hope you find this information useful, and helpful in crafting a new approach to your pay per click strategies.

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