Often, our clients want to dig in a little deeper to see how their site is performing. Unfortunately most soon come to realize that they don’t have the time to learn the more complicated aspects of Google Analytics and how to find and understand the data that they need to see. Sometimes, they’re not even sure exactly what kind of data they need.

This is where InsideOut Solutions steps in.

We generate customized online marketing reports in thatSample Raven Report Showing Google Analytics Data
pulls select data from your Google Analytics account and presents to you in a report formatted to give you the information you need. The difference between our reports  and using Google Analytics on its own is clarity. While Google Analytics allows advanced users to do detailed analysis, this isn’t really necessary for innkeepers & dude ranchers, who typically only need to see specific higher level data. We take all of this complex data, consolidate what’s important to you and present it in a clear, understandable way. Further, to help you evaluate performance the reporting period we use is year-over-year, specifically comparing the month of the current year to the same month of the previous year and quarterly and annual reports are also available.

The immediate value to you is that getting this report requires nothing of your time to start receiving information that is critical to your internet marketing efforts. Once you tell us you’d like to subscribe to monthly reporting, the technician sets up a report that is delivered at the same time each month to your email inbox as a link to a downloadable PDF file. You don’t have to go looking for the login to Google Analytics or remember passwords. Unlike Google Analytics automatic email reporting, our reports never expire until you unsubscribe from them.

Currently, we offer the reporting for $25/month, or $240/year pre-pad.

Contact us to subscribe or learn more.