Transferring or taking ownership of a new business in any industry can be a daunting task. Handshake Demonstrating Transfer of Inn, B&B, or Dude Ranch OwnershipOn the one hand, if you’re the seller and you care anything about the business, you want it to go into good hands and you want the transition to be a smooth one. On the other hand, taking over a business as a new owner can be intimidating, and there is always much to learn and numerous responsibilities to assume. Being equipped with as much information as possible can make your new role as an owner much easier.

InsideOut Solutions has developed a service for helping incoming innkeepers during the transition process.  We also offer a handy guide for exiting owners/innkeepers to help ease the transition process for both you and the incoming owners.

Orientation Package for Incoming Owners/Innkeepers

New innkeepers have a lot of responsibilities and assuming ownership can be overwhelming. So we developed a set of services that will help a new innkeeper get started on the right foot. Our “orientation package” includes:

  • How to use your WordPress website – 1-hour training
  • How to read Google Analytics reports – 1-hour online meeting
  • How to blog and optimize your blog posts for the search engines – 1-hour training
  • Guidance for setting up business email on your mobile phone – .5 hour support
  • Availability to answer technical questions about social media – 1.5 hours support

Since your website is an important feature of internet marketing, it’s important that you have a solid awareness of how to use it and how to take part in promoting your inn, bed & breakfast, or dude ranch. Think of your website as an asset you can use to grow your business. Because we’re the experts in internet marketing, we want to help you understand how to use your website to grow your business and partner with you in your success.

Our Orientation Package is $400.

We also offer the following services:

  • Website updates – but not reservation system updates, since they often involve confidential financial information that requires you to make updates
  • Internet Marketing Services – we typically want to discuss this down the road after your familiarity with running your inn, bed & breakfast, or dude ranch has increased. Internet marketing services include:

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising & remarketing
    • Inbound marketing, including blog writing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), email marketing/newsletters
    • Referral marketing, including local search citations and link building.

These services are priced separately and we work with you to create a custom set of services that will best serve your needs.

Guide for Exiting Owners/Innkeepers Offers Technical Advice

Often, there is a lot of information that the former owner/innkeeper needs to provide to the new one. Providing this information can help the transition go smoothly, as well as prevent questions occurring years down the road when memory or records regarding directories, listings, and social media accounts have either been forgotten or lost.

Consult us for a list of essential information that you can gather and provide to the incoming owner/innkeeper before closing the sale.

If you’re interested in either of the above services, please contact us.