InsideOut’s graphic design department has helped clients with a wide range of logo needs, including original logo designs and help for existing logos. One of our lead graphic designers, Jennifer, discusses some of our recent logo projects …

Help With Existing Logos:

MeadWerks + Wilderbee Farm Logo Design

We’ve often had clients with logos designed in Photoshop and/or the art looked good to them, but they realized it needed to be converted to high resolution vector art for it to work well. (Why vector? Read this article to find out!) The latter was the case for MeadWerks/Wilderbee Farms in Port Townsend, WA.

The owner, Casey, had created a design using PowerPoint. She knew that although the design looked good onscreen she would need a professional designer to convert it into electronic vector art. I’d originally helped her with her MeadWerks logo in 2016. Three years later, she requested a variation that combined the MeadWerks logo with her Wilderbee Farm logo. Because I already had the logo files, it was a quick and easy project. Casey liked the changes I’d made so much that she also asked me to update the colors of the Wilderbee Farm logo, too. Again, that project was quickly and easily done so that Casey could get to work using the logo right away!

Original Logo Design: from Concept to High Resolution Final Art

Recently, I had the chance to work with clients who had a clear vision for what they wanted, but needed help making their ideas a reality.

Simply Southern Farms Logo Design

Simply Southern Farms

For Simply Southern Farms, Karrah knew she wanted a purple goat with lavender. It was a perfect idea for her goat and lavender farm. We worked together using a photo she’d taken of one of her goats. This made the resulting illustration more personalized to her business AND ensured there were no issues with image use. (IMPORTANT: You can’t just nab an image from a stock agency and use it for a logo, even if you pay for it. Even Creative Commons images have usage restrictions. Be aware—such usage violations can be extremely costly!)

After several drafts, we came to this solution which is now in the process of being integrated into her marketing materials. Because she will be doing products labels, we created 1- and 2-color versions which will allow her to print labels professionally at a lower cost.

Carlisle House Inn

Carlisle House Inn Logo Design

Carlisle House Inn owner, Jeneane, was surprised that no local inns were using a whale as a logo. The inn is located in Nantucket, MA which was once renown for whaling. A whale with wings was a fun and appropriate choice for Jeneane’s historic inn. I looked at a number of vintage etchings and drawing for inspiration before coming up with the original drawings that became the logo.

For both logos, final art included vector files that can be enlarged or reduced without any issues in image quality. I also provided .png and jpeg images. All clients received notes so they know which logo files (eps, pdf) should be used by professional publications, designers and vendors. I also provide additional information about any fonts and colors used. This allows clients to use matching colors and fonts when they develop their marketing tools.

Continued Support Post-Logo Design

Should they ever lose their logo files, we always keep originals on file. It happens…you get a new computer or files get accidentally erased. We’re here for you if you need any help with your logo. I’ve had clients ask for files years later and I’m always happy to provide fresh logo copies as well as any advice on their use. We provide original logo designs and help for existing logos with your budget in mind!

Of course, once we’ve designed a logo for you, we can create any ads, brochures or labels that you might need. If you ever have any graphic design needs, contact us!