Google Travel is one of Google’s many features that streamline the online user experience. In this particular instance, it acts as a trip-planner service that allows users to plan and track their entire trip all in one place. While there are many online travel agencies out there that offer a similar service, this is Google we’re talking about; and they don’t exactly play in the shallow end. With Google Travel growing and rising in popularity over the years, businesses in the hospitality industry should be aware of how this might affect their online traffic and booking conversions. Whether you represent a lodging business or not, continue reading to learn more about how Google Travel might affect the hospitality industry as a whole!

Google Travel: Google Vacation Rentals / Google Hotels

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Google Travel is a feature that allows Google users to book trips as well as manage and track their itineraries all in one place. As such, it includes features like Google Vacation Rentals, Google Hotels, and Google Flights. Specifically, in the case of Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels, users are shown a variety of lodging options based on their location, price, amenities, guest ratings, and class. Additionally, users can optimize their trip through the Interests feature, which allows them to specify what type of trip they’d like to take. For example, if they are planning on taking a skiing trip, Google Vacation Rentals and Google Hotels will take this into account when recommending places to stay.

How Does Google Travel Affect The Hospitality Industry?

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Google Travel has a simple design that’s easy to use. This ensures that first-time users can navigate the features with ease. See for yourself by visiting the site here! As we all know, in today’s culture, fewer clicks are better in terms of user experience. Therefore, Google, having a convenient one-stop shop for users’ travel needs, poses a serious threat to online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb and Vrbo. On the other hand, this may bode well for the lodging businesses themselves since Google Travel will direct users straight to their website.

Moving Forward

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More often than not, users will want to go directly to the business’ website given the opportunity to cut out the middle man (OTAs). Coincidentally, Google Travel gives users this opportunity. This allows lodging businesses to be less reliant on OTAs for getting users’ attention. Moving forward, putting more effort into advertising on Google Travel through Google Vacation Rental ads and Google Hotel ads will likely increase your website traffic, resulting in more bookings per user visit.

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