Email Phishing Scam Targets Rackspace Customers

September 29th, 2017 by Shawn Kerr

A new email phishing scam is targeting Rackspace customers and, therefore, the hosting clients of InsideOut Solutions. We urge our customers, and anyone who uses Rackspace, to learn what they need to know to avoid compromising their online security. What Is an Email Phishing Scam? “Phishing” is a malicious, unsolicited attempt by a third party… (Read More)

Note: This is not a bill from InsideOut Solutions The “bill” recieved from DNS Services is not associated with InsideOut Solutions. We are just reporting and educating people to be wary of these services. Please do not contact us disputing the bill. When Is an Invoice Not at Invoice? Some of InsideOut Solutions’ clients have… (Read More)