Sequim, Washington (“Lavender capitol of North America”) is a tourist destination known for its farms, sunshine and proximity to other major Olympic Peninsula attractions. Sequim’s tourism marketing is coordinated by the Sequim Marketing Action Committee (SMAC) and funded by local lodging taxes. For over a decade, InsideOut has worked with the committee to develop marketing plans and to design and update a Web site, rack card and travel planner.

Something Old…

Sequim’s 16-page travel planners have been mailed out as a fulfillment piece and displayed at Visitor Centers throughout the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle areas. The dimensions have always been 8″ x 9″, folded down to 4″ x 9″ . This is a perfect size for display racks, but it’s on the small side for including images in an already text-heavy piece. Due to these constraints, the photos have necessarily been “thumbnails”.Â

This year, besides the usual updates to information lists, the client specifically asked for larger photos. SMAC was open to printing a larger brochure. However, once we pointed out that 75% of the 50,000 printed planners needed to fit in racks, they decided to retain the current 8″ x 9″ size. But how to include larger photos?

… Something New

InsideOut decided to look closely at the content of the current brochure. We found that rewriting and re-organizing allowed us to cut pages of redundant material. We also focused solely on tourism and removed the relocation pages. With these edits, we could now feature large photos to illustrate each page spread. And we still had room for smaller photos, too.

The revised look, with updates to maps and information grids, was completed in short order. The piece retains the strengths of its original design (eye-catching Sequim gold, concise overviews of major attractions, useful info grids and maps) while featuring bigger and better photos.