Last month, I published a general blog post on how to deal with negative reviews from online sources.  This month I am focusing on a specific type of negative review, or, rather, the threat of one being submitted.  Learning how to deal with review blackmail (aka review extortion) is becoming more crucial in the distinctive… (Read More)

It happens to every business sooner or later – a less than stellar review shows up online.  That’s nothing new. In this article, I present an overview of of options on how to deal with negative reviews when they show up online. No doubt about it: online reviews and social media empower consumers.  That’s both good… (Read More)

What to do when you get a negative review

October 7th, 2009 by InsideOut Solutions

At some point it might happen to you. A past guest is being critical about an experience they had at your property. The issue might be small or large but they feel they need to leave a negative review on sites like Trip Advisor, or If this has happened to you, we have… (Read More)